Bosnia and Hercegovina

Travel, as with most things in life, will inevitably surprise you.


When my desire to travel through the Balkans first blossomed, I envisioned beginning at one extremity with Athens and Istanbul and ending in Central Europe with Budapest– everything in between was lost in the obscurity of ignorance. I was pulled from this haze when I invested in a travel guide for Southeast Europe; the compelling black and white pages solidified my desire to explore this area of the world. And so it was that I discovered Bosnia and Hercegovina.


This small country became the highlight of my trip, the site of many happy adventures, friendships, and memories. When my friend Courtney asked me to share some of my experiences from Southeast Europe, I knew I would write about Bosnia and Hercegovina. I have now been fortunate enough to contribute two articles to her blog, one set in Sarajevo and the other in Mostar. Please read them here, and be inspired to explore the world. x



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