Autumn Lovin’


Autumn perennially cocoons the world in a placid hush; everything slows down, and the cold wind that sweeps away summer also brings a haze of calm and languor. There’s something magical about these in-between days, when the mornings wake up clear and cold, and the sun never finds a reason to hike up to the highest point in the sky; instead it bathes the world all day in rosy light and gently warms your back while you sit with a cup of something warm in your hands.

In the past weeks, my travels led me through the median of Europe: Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. At the time, the countries were possessed by autumn, and the days were wonderfully lethargic and crisp. I happily spent my time simply enjoying the beautiful season, wandering through streets and markets, admiring the colours and the people and the food.




My favourite part of autumn may be the food. The enflamed trees are echoed in a rainbow of apples, chestnuts, squash, and pumpkin. While I was in Copenhagen, I spent a couple of days hanging around Torvehallerne, a food-lovers oasis in the centre of the city. This marketplace has fresh produce, meat, fish, and cheese, coffee, bread and pastries, flowers, cafes, restaurants and more. If you like food, or cooking, or eating, or just looking at pretty things, and you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, try to make your way to Torvehallerne. It’s beautiful.









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