An Explanation

The time has come to explain the radio silence around here.

In late November, I left Europe and returned to Australia. While October gradually relinquished the reign of autumn to November, I visited friends around the UK, homing in on London for my return flight, which was booked for the middle of the month. Between the season’s magic, Christmas fancies popping up around the city, an ongoing affair with markets, and the remarkably exceptional people surrounding me, I couldn’t bare to leave. And so, after an eleventh-hour flight-change success, I shoved my return voyage away for two weeks and promptly threw myself into the intoxicating enjoyment of life in London.


Yet I could only disregard the inevitable for so long. At the end of the month I bid farewell to my friends and made the long trek back to the southern hemisphere.



For the past week, I have been readjusting to life in Australia. Many people claim to ‘catch the travel bug,’ and are therefore restless when they return home, but my most difficult struggle is proving to be missing the people I met abroad. But, while I can only hope to see some again, I know others will be lifelong friends.

To a lifetime of laughter, friendships, learning, love, and travel.







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